F & I Product options

Environmental Products - Super Polysteel

The Super Polysteel Advanced Formula System keeps vehicles looking showroom new for years to come. Super Polysteel offers protection for both inside and outside a vehicle � paint, fabric, carpet, vinyl and leather. A customer who buys the Super Polysteel system has protection against fading, chalking, loss of gloss, tree sap, bird debris, as well as most spills.

Should something happen to the vehicle, the customer can have his or her vehicle professionally cleaned or buffed to repair the damaged surface and return it to original condition. Super Polysteel also provides coverage to repaint or replace a damaged surface if it can not be returned to original condition.

There is no risk to the dealer to start selling this product. A case of chemicals is FREE to new dealer sign-ups. A certified IAS agent can install Super Polysteel at the site and train dealership personnel to apply the product. Dealerships remit a form every month listing Super Polysteel package and warranty sales along with payments for each warranty. IAS processes the warranty, and then ships each customer a 6-product maintenance kit personalized with a color logo of the selling dealership.

Theft Products - Phantom Footprints, Theft Avert

Exclusively designed by 3M for IAS, Invisible Phantom Footprints protects vehicles on six different areas with permanent, tamper-resistant labels. These labels are impossible to remove intact. When an attempt is made to remove one, a phantom image of the unique registered vehicle code number is left on the vehicle. This phantom image can be seen only under UV light.

The Theft Avert vehicle marking system is a unique window etch product. This is yet another effective anti-theft program that gives customers a preferred security system that helps to identify vehicles if they have been stolen. Customers who buy Theft Avert receive thousands in benefits if the vehicle is stolen and may also qualify for a comprehensive insurance discount.

Tire & Wheel Products - R.O.A.D. InTire

The R.O.A.D. InTire program is a comprehensive tire and wheel repair and replacement guarantee. Coverage is not pro-rated, it is less expensive than traditional road hazard coverage � and there are no limits to the number of claims a customer can make on their tires. All replacement tires purchased are covered for the term of the contract. In addition, customers can have repairs and replacements completed at the location of their choice, including the selling dealership!

Dealership CSI scores increase with this program because in addition to the comprehensive tire and wheel coverage, the R.O.A.D. InTire program also includes a free 24/7/365 "sign-and-go" benefit.

Dent and Ding Products

The IAS door ding protection program protects cars and trucks against door dings and small dents without the need for expensive and time consuming body shop repairs. Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) was developed by automobile manufacturing production teams to permanently remove door dings and minor dents. The innovative PDR process uses specialized hand tools to manipulate and flex metal back into its original form.

Because PDR works from behind the vehicle's damage, it does not require sanding, painting or body fillers. This helps to retain the vehicle's resale value. In most cases, there is no evidence that a dent ever existed.

Quick and easy door ding repairs are performed by certified technicians in about the time required for an oil change.

GAP Products

GAP Protection pays the difference between actual cash value and loan balance if a customer's vehicle is stolen or totaled in a collision.

When a vehicle is purchased on an extended term financing program with little or no down payment, a negative equity loan position is created. This produces significant exposure for your customers who are at risk to pay the difference between the insured value of the vehicle and the current loan balance in the event of a total loss.

For decades, IAS has effectively negotiated with multiple insurance companies with A and A+ rating to ensure a stable protection program with the lowest possible rates, reliable coverage for your customers, and maximum profits for your dealership.